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Must Watch Trends in Paid Advertising in 2021- Before it is too Late

Paid Advertising in 2021-

The Paid Advertising industry is mainly driven by success who invests the most in its marketing budget, but it is changing rapidly. As the brands now know the potential of paid advertising and the strategies are more shifting towards ROI (Return on Investment).

Understanding the market situation is essential as what is changing and what are the expected shifts going happen in the future is important optimizing the paid advertisements. In the dynamic world of Paid search marketing in India, we have observed an increase in video ads and mobile searches beyond the normal growth rate.

In present times, there are numerous channels that can be used, but everything comes with its own weaknesses and strengths. Businesses need to observe and decide which will be the most beneficial for them. The general mindset about digital marketing is that this is expensive, but in recent times, marketers are more focusing on the budget allocation for digital marketing.

Few of the Paid Advertising Trends that you and every other marketer must know to give you a fresh perspective and help in creating the next big marketing campaigns:

Voice Search

This is increasing beyond the normal growth rate as more and more people adopting this to search their queries with utmost convenience. In the world of SEO, voice searches account for 10% of all searches, and it is going to increase as per the prediction and projections of Google by 2021. As per Google, 50% of all the search queries will be through a voice search feature. If your firm relies on search engine traffic, then you must understand the intent of your customer’s search.

Know your Buyer’s Journey and Target Audience

The reality is that when we run an Ad Campaign, that can be exceptionally profitable even if we are targeting keywords that have a low Click Through Rate (CTR). The essential ingredient to succeed in PPC Campaign rests not only in making Good Ads that help in getting a good Click Through Rate but also equally important to understand your audience and their buying journey that starts with keyword research.

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Knowing the factors that influence a purchasing decision is essential in the paid advertising campaign. Understanding of factors will ultimately help in making appropriate ads that really connect with the target audience. This, when correctly done, will convert prospective leads into sales.

All Ad Campaigns must have a proper backing of research that helps in finding the right keywords and creating the best ad copy and a landing page for the same. Ad Campaigns can be optimized for Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads through a better understanding of buying cycle and target audience.

Smart Bidding

Let us quickly understand two important things while dealing with PPC ads. Firstly, the cost for the Ads will not stable and will change on a daily basis as per Google Algorithm. Secondly, it will not be easy to track your ads are working or not. But we have the expertise in this field for many years, and we will help you on that front.


The notion of retargeting and re-marketing with Google AdWords is to retarget the prospective customers who have already seen our Ad once and have an awareness of us.

Here, we are trying to retarget prospective customers to lure them in buying your products or services. Re-Marketing is a method to retarget the potential customer who has already aware of us but not yet converted into a sale.

Being Social

Creating a social presence for Pay Per Click is the best approach to attain a larger audience and get added coverage on social media platforms. Additionally, social media presence is a good complementary medium to reach the right target audience through advertisements.

Social Media Ads are now having good potential for being cost-effective mediums for running ad campaigns, as per recent studies. When dealing with Online Paid Advertising, you must be conscious of the latest trends. In recent years, we have observed major changes in the manner we are doing online marketing, and majorly it is changing for the better.

Visual Search

The next phase in the domain of PPC is Visual Search. In an online search, search terms of customers may consist of one or more similar terms and contrasting ones while searching about the brand. Now, search engines are also concentrating on providing appropriate results through visual search as it is coming into the trend for all the search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

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Video Advertising

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, Video Ads are the most attractive option for marketers as well as customers. Video Ads serve as the best call to action for online businesses as well as offline businesses. Video Advertising is trending for the last many years and even now continues to expand in reputation even though there were few challenges with video advertising.

Integration of PPC and SEO Campaigns

Integration of digital marketing strategy in an organization is essential for a business. PPC and SEO Campaigns are the finest means to enhance the Digital Marketing Campaigns for better performance and cost reductions in the process.

The Key Benefit is to track all the activities from all the campaigns that provide a huge edge over other competitors in the market. Integration of PPC and SEO Campaigns might be the greatest idea for marketing efforts and budget. This lets you share similar objectives and goals that can be implemented through a single budget.


Going through the current trends, now you are aware of the dynamic world of digital marketing. Understanding Ad’s Trends will ultimately help you to get more sales for your business. Through this, you are now able to optimize your Ads that really connect and attract customers to buy your products or services.

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