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The Definitive Guide To SEO In 2021

SEO Guide

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an effective way to entice customers to your online platforms — if you use it right. SEO is continually evolving, and staying on top of the latest updates can be a challenge. Though, it’s worth the effort.

Let’s take you ride with Quick SEO Tips for 2021.

  • Some 70% to 80% of users focus solely on organic results and disregard paid listings.

What’s more?

  • Some 28% of those searches convert, resultant in a purchase.

Let’s look at some of the latest SEO trends in 2021:-

Core Web Vitals

It includes user experience with your visitors.

Core web vitals include 3 most important factor, such:-

  • Largest contentful paint
  • First input delay
  • Increasing layout shift

According to Google, core web vitals will unswervingly impact rankings.

Google Passage Ranking

In October Google declared a new search technology called “Passages”.This Google feature lets Google rank exact sections of a page (“a passage”) individually. This feature is going to affect 7% of all searches, which is a huge number.

Let’s see how to enhance this new Google ranking factor.

Google’s passages enable Google to rank particular, pertinent passages from a specific page. Not just the page itself.

Optimize for Featured Snippets

As per SEMrush, the featured snippet is implemented in 6.83% of all search page.

As featured snippets are catching many clicks from the #1 spot.

A featured snippet is a great SEO technique in 2021.

It is also known as Zero Ranking.

The question is:

How to get your content to appear in the featured snippet?

Well, you can try the below things:

– Find keywords that are already ranking on the first page.

– Start creating content around those keywords.

– Submit in Question & answer sites, web blogs, etc.

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The Rise of Visual Search

Yes, visual searches are increasing on daily basis.

As people are more inclined towards visual appearance and that’s what makes them click on the search pages.

More people are implementing more visual searches strategy SEO in 2021:

You can also check out these stats for more information:

– Google Lens has already been used 1 billion times (source).

– Pinterest gets 600 million visual searches per month (source).

– 36% of American consumers have already used visual search (source).

Visual search is still in its beginning. It is already working well.

Domain Authority 2.0

Earlier domain authority is all about good links. But in 2021, It is not anymore like this.

Google assesses your website as per Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. It is also known as E-A-T.

In short, E-A-T is Domain Authority 2.0.

To be clear:

E-A-T has been an integral part of the rules for years.

But E-A-T is now a more significant ranking factor than before.

For instance-

Google’s new “How Search Works” report remarks that they want to rank “consistent sources”.

Thus, hire an expert who knows the subject and start writing and seeding the contents. This is a Quick SEO Tips for 2021.

Google perhaps emphasizes off-site signals to find its E-A-T.

Video Continues to Surge

Online video is on fire in 2021.

Actually, as per Cisco, online video will cover 82% of all online traffic by 2022.

And that may still not please the world’s request for video.

Although there are more videos out there than ever, as per HubSpot, 43% of people want even more video content.

Also as you can notice, Video contents are getting featured on the search result page.

In reality, Google emphasized Video Featured Snippets in many of their reports.

Therefore, Video Featured Snippets are on the rise in 2021.

Master Search Intent

Search intent is going to play a key factor in SEO in 2021. Let’s face it, If your content doesn’t match the intent, It will never rank.

Google gets better at giving people the precise search results they need. So start matching the search intent of your audience as it is one of the key factors of best SEO in 2021, creating content that’s a 1:1 Search Intent match is going to be a MASTER for 2021 SEO.

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You can understand this way:

If any user searches for the Best cake recipe

Their intent is- They want an article which includes a recipe for delicious cakes.

So if you must include Keyword- Best cake recipe for your next blog.

In a nutshell, the better your content can match that search intent, the better it will rank in Google.

So your first step is to understand your target keyword’s Search Intent.

At times the intent is right in the keyword.

Combat Decreasing CTRs

Organic CTR (Click through rates) plays an important ranking factor in Google.

There is a huge rush in SERP, and there are loads of extra features included in SERP such as Answer Boxes, Ads, Carousels, “People also ask” sections, and more.

So to show up in the SERPs, your result needs to scream “click on me!”.

If you don’t focus on CTR, No one going to click it, and hence Google decreases its ranking.

Use the below methods to improve your CTR:

Include Your Keyword in Your URL

This is important, simply include your primary keywords in the blog URL.

Use Emotion 

Emoji has a high CTR than without them. It is found in one study.

Write Meta Descriptions 

In simple words, you need to write Meta description for every page. But make sure it is 100% original and keyword enriched.


SEO in 2021 is getting more complex as Google is become money-hungry (just kidding). If you are thinking to rank your article with only keywords and old SEO techniques, you have to rethink. With current SEO trends, you have to think about everything from the above-mentioned points. Metrics are continually changing, and it’s important to stay on top of your place in the rankings. The right SEO tools can aid you to get the info you need to guide a smart SEO strategy.

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