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Must know Backlink Strategies : All you Should Know

Backlink Strategies
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Quick Guide on Getting Backlinks

Google’s top three ranking factors still include backlinks, and we are not likely to see this change in the foreseeable future.

Due to this, many marketers and business owners need to figure out how to get their websites backlinked. The act of linking from one website to another is seen as a vote of confidence and trust.

Your site will gain increased visibility and organic traffic because of its increased authority on SERPs. Although not all links are viewed in the same way by Google, the wrong kind may do more harm than benefit your ranking.

High-quality backlinks should essentially:

  • Earn editorial credibility
  • They are sourced from authoritative, topically relevant websites
  • No sponsorship or payment has been received

You can buy backlinks for SEO in many ways, and with high SEO, KS can help you boost your SEO strategy.

Using the skyscraper Technique

Brian Dean of Backlink introduced the Skyscraper Technique to the technical SEO community. The method involves a proven process that he explains in the following way:

  1. High-quality content that has generated a large number of links
  2. Produce better content
  3. Make sure those who linked to the original article are aware of that content

By building upon a foundation that is already proven to be effective, you remove the guesswork that is often associated with content marketing.

As a result, this method will make a real difference to the traffic you receive from organic search engine results. It will also allow you to rank your site for competitive search phrases and keywords.

However, you must be prepared to put in the work.

Supplier Links

You can earn an impressive number of really authoritative links pointing to your website if you sell other people’s products.

A manufacturer is simply pointing users toward the places where their products can be bought. Therefore, it’s also important (and recommended) to be listed (and linked) as a seller of a manufacturer’s products.

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You can compile an extensive list of your suppliers and their websites and then browse through them one by one to look for a page listing their stockists.

Find a page but see that you are not listed?

Most likely, it wasn’t intentional. Contact the person who oversees the company, send the link, and inquire about the process of listing and linking your site. They will most likely take care of it for you.

Resource Link Building

Some people start with big and complicated tactics when contemplating ways to obtain SEO backlinks. However, building resource links are not only easy to do but are also highly effective.

If this strategy is meant to work, you need to determine which value your business can provide for your target audience. To get quality backlinks from relevant authorities, you need to create high-quality resource pages.

Resources pages exist online in various places, including Travel and tourism boards, Universities and Local governments.

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You can often locate these opportunities by analyzing your competitors’ profile link building and examining who links to them but not you. For example, SEMrush’s Backlink Analytics Tool is a backlink service provider that allows you to identify the resources pointing to your competitors’ sites easily. Consequently, you may create content that will attract their attention, and they will want to link to your website instead.

Broken Link Building

It’s all about locating useful web pages with external links that point to dead pages.

By identifying broken links that point to 404 pages and presenting a stronger alternative link that is better than the original, you can quickly create some excellent links.

It is important to create a piece of content similar to what was originally linked to (or to have the ability to create it). The link you want from a 404 page will not benefit the users or the website you want a link from to achieve good results. By suggesting an alternative replacement, you will reduce broken links on the website and help the webmaster avoid looking for one themselves.

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Find backlinks using the Google Search Console reports

Getting free backlinks for your website can also be accomplished with the Google Search Console. With this free online tool from Google, you can get amazing results to boost your search engine ranking.

The External Links report is one of them. The list of links is comprised of websites that previously linked back to your website. Observe what types of content they liked and linked to you based on your backlinks.

Because they have linked your domain previously, they are likely to be familiar with your website, so they may link to it again.

Finding the right sites to approach and submitting content are all that’s necessary.

Roundup Posts

As part of a content marketing campaign, roundup posts can help build links to the content that you are creating.

As you are building links, consider this as a means of getting your eyes on the content you are producing.

Run a search on Google for:

“keyword” + roundup

And you will be presented with a list of articles that are published in this format. Usually, it is merely a list of curated posts around a particular topic, and most industries have at least a few.

Write Testimonials

Are you aware that you can get backlinks to your website by writing testimonials on other websites?

Social proof is often sought by businesses seeking testimonials. Some of them even display them on their website.

In exchange for a backlink, you can write a testimonial if you’re a regular user of a tool or service. Identify companies and submit a testimonial that relates to your field.


Getting backlinks for your website can be done through many different methods. Link building services are often chosen based on how you have approached link building in the past. This depends on what industry you operate in and what tactics your competitors are using.

However, creating solid link-building strategies will help you identify the tactics best suited to your website and resources so you can earn a competitive advantage.

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