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Most Top 4 Useful SEO Audit and Analysis Tools of 2022

The ever-increasing requirement of digital marketing and promotion leads to the need for search engine optimization, which has in turn led to the requirement of SEO Audit Tools.

Now, you might think that this will cost you significantly in addition to the digital marketing expense already shelled out by you. However, this is not the case as several free technical SEO audit tools are available in the market.

The availability of products again creates the problem of choosing the right one. To help you with that, a list of frontrunners has been prepared. In addition, the significant features of these tools and their expected price have been mentioned.


Starting our list with SEMrush seems to be a good choice. This is because it is one of the best-rated tools used for SEO audits. In addition, this tool provides an all-inclusive marketing infrastructure that is powered with 40 intel-prepared tools.


  • The reports presented by it can be thematic and can also be customized.
  • It makes use of advanced filters to sort through pages.
  • SEO analysis and SEO audit reports can also be easily presented graphically.


This offers an incredible deal of auditing the first 100 pages without any cost. After that, subsequent usage is charged at $99.95.

  • Google Search Console

2) Google Search Console

The name itself suggests that it is a tool created by Google. This fantastic tool helps you conduct backlink audits, SEO content audits, technical audits, and monitor the overall website’s performance through search results.

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  • 400 and 500 errors are highlighted.
  • AMP pages are also inspected by the search console.
  • Indexed pages operated by Google are also shown.
  • Showcases the issues related to user experience.


It is an entirely free audit tool.

  • Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog

This is one of the very effective SEO analysis tools that doesn’t use cloud services. Instead, it needs to be installed to hover over the websites to identify and conduct the requisite analyses.


  • Issues related to meta titles and descriptions are taken care of
  • Duplication on the websites can be easily recognized by it.
  • SEO content audit is conducted by it.
  • Links that are broken and errors related to the server can be found.


The free version of the Screaming frog lets you analyze 500 web pages and URLs. However, for getting an unpaid subscription to the tool, you will have to shell out $201.54.

  • WordCounter

It is a tool primarily used to calculate the word count and the density of the keyword on web pages. The only input required is the URL of the website, and all such relevant information will be displayed in a user-friendly manner. This enables the users to carry out an effective and efficient comparison between the top listed pages, resulting in the improvement of the quality of the end product.

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  • Information like word count is readily available.
  • It gives out a detailed list of the most commonly used words.
  • The density of the web page in respect of keywords is also highlighted.


This is entirely free software to use.

Final Takeaway

These are the leading SEO analysis tools that are currently leading the market. They are utilized for functions ranging from search engine optimization to local SEO audit. As many of them are free for use, it would be wise on your part to run your respective websites on these tools and analyses whether the desired results are obtained or not.

However, there is no denying that the tools that require payment are much more capable, and the audit assistance provided by them would be of superior quality. Therefore, the final choice has to be made by you based upon your business requirements and the results that you can get out of these apps.

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