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How to Utilize LinkedIn for Lead Generation

LinkedIn for Lead Generation

Now is the perfect time to strengthen your lead generation strategy.

Do you want to crack the code? You have come to the right place; just keep reading!

Generating Leads for your business is a marketing process that can help your business to achieve tremendous career growth. You can quickly generate leads with the help of the renowned platform LinkedIn.

But first, let us see what the platform offers.

What is the Use of LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is an American firm that provides a platform to a pool of talent and employment generation. It provides online services through websites and mobile applications. This platform is mainly for professional networking. This creates a common platform for job seekers and employers looking to hire people. This gives them a platform to build connections by making profiles.

How to Use LinkedIn Marketing for Better Lead Generation?

In a very short span of time, LinkedIn turned itself from a tiny networking site into a very successful business model. Ever since all the marketers have been trying to get the code of success. With hundreds of professionals under one roof, there is a sure way to get to the leads, isn’t it?

Isn’t, how do you open up the gates to success? So here are some steps that you can follow to get leads.

  1. Turning the page of your company into a Lead generation page

If you want leads, you have to increase the visibility of your brand. So, the best way is to turn your company page into a lead generation page so that it becomes the hallway for the LinkedIn leads. The arrangement of the company should be convincing to the people.

  • Using an attractive image can help you to create and hold the customer’s interest.
  • The pitch of your company should be crystal clear.
  1. Build a Showcase Page

Showcase pages help companies to promote their brands which are an extension to their company. Moreover, these showcase pages are the perfect way by which you categorise your inbound LinkedIn traffic.

If you are capable of creating a business model that directly connects to a specific target audience, then you can also create a showcase page.

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These pages are specially designed to generate better leads for B2B Sales as they help to develop a long-term relationship with the targeted audience.

So, now you know the importance of Showcase pages for your brand, here are some tips to make your Showcase page more powerful.

  • Try to keep the name of the page short and attractive.
  • The name of the page should be relatable to the audience.
  1. Publishing Articles

Articles are a perfect way to illustrate to the ideal clients that you are excellent in your industry. You can use this to share your content with your connections and followers.

Also, people who are not in your network can follow up on your article so that the next piece you publish will automatically be visible in their feed. This is an excellent option for you to establish your authority.

  1. Post Daily Updates

By updating daily in your LinkedIn and Showcase page, you can stay at the top of the mind with your connections. This is a great method of advertisement for you. This does not mean that you have to share a unique piece of content daily, so here are some quick and easy tips.

  • Share your views on the current news in the industry.
  • You can direct the users to your most recent newsletter.
  • Make links to the exciting blogs and resources of your website.
  1. Join Groups

The groups in LinkedIn or LinkedIn groups are the place where people from the same industry accumulate and have a discussion, ask questions, give opinions about common interests.

These are great places for networking that can follow up with potential leads. You can also build your expertise by answering queries or offering resources that are relevant to the discussion. Use can also market your brand using LinkedIn marketing in these groups.

  1. Use Advanced Research

The advanced research in LinkedIn gives you an incredible and accurate idea of identifying the exact type of people whom you want to focus on. You can also choose various aspects like location, present company, school, etc.

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This will help you to increase your network and give you a greater chance of finding leads. You always have to remember that the best leads will come from the people with whom you are already connected at the first, second and third levels.

  1. Engage with the Targeted Users

You should have a set of criteria for your business that will indicate your ideal client. By using this criterion, you can make connections. This will also help you to engage more with people, and this engagement will result in warming up the lead. LinkedIn market research or B2B market research.

By making connections, you will be remembered whenever your new article or updates comes out. You can also get referrals from the clients, which is an excellent option for lead generation.


The one thing that it sets apart, LinkedIn from any other community is that this platform uses a variety of practicing thoughts on its website. One of the most essential stuff for any other community one is involved in is being an active member.

What LinkedIn practices including weekly updates, regular post participation in group discussion and responding to questions. Some of the activities that are involved in weekly posts are updating recent business events that one has attended and shared links to a blog post and press releases. By participating in group discussions help to build a foundation of trust within the business community.

You have to keep your LinkedIn profile up-to-date and also allow other connections to be informed of their recent awards and recognition within the community by answering and asking some questions can show interest and helps in creating credibility of the members.

Which all these practices Q and A sessions, members can stay active and get the most out of the shared experience. This is an excellent medium for link generation. Therefore, LinkedIn for lead generation is an efficient way to grow your business. Lead generation on LinkedIn is not easy but if done in proper manner it will provide good number of leads on a regular basis.

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