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How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing for Beginners 2021

Things you should know about Making Money Through Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing for beginners

All right! Want to make money through affiliate marketing in 2021 as a beginner. But as a beginner, you don’t know the correct strategy to apply to make more significant sums. Then you have come across the correct page. So do give this a read before making your career in affiliate marketing. Here I will share the best affiliate marketing tips for beginners. If you are willing to start in 2021, it can be a good option as affiliate marketing beginners income can be up to ₹11,064 per month.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a service in which you promote another company’s product or service. On the other hand, you get a commission from the company after selling your promoted product or service through your link. Commissions are always given in percentage of the sales price, very often fixed price. Therefore, the larger you make the sales, the larger your earnings will be. It doesn’t require any technicality or specialty. You only need an affiliate account.

beginner affiliate programs

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing:

There are many advantages of beginner affiliate programs

1.No complexity

The process of earning through affiliate marketing is straightforward and without complexion.

You don’t want any specific education or qualification to earn through affiliate marketing. Along with that, starting this business doesn’t cost you to pay for products, employees, equipment, rent, and so on. Therefore, starting with it is almost free. You will not have to worry as there is no such investment requirement.

You can invest a minimal amount in building up traffic on your products.

Therefore, there is no such guilt even if you’re in an affiliate marketing career.

  1. Easy to scale and can be managed from anywhere

A salesperson only manages one company’s product and gets revenue as a commission from a single company. In comparison, affiliate marketers can sell the products of more than one company and generate more income.

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Besides this, affiliate marketing jobs work from home can be managed easily. You can run it from your single pc or laptop. You don’t have to run door to door like a typical salesperson.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliate Marketing is the most straightforward procedure and can be quickly done by anybody. In addition, it doesn’t require any qualifications to apply for affiliate marketing jobs.

  • Your Affiliate partner will provide you with a unique link for tracking the sale.
  • The Affiliate marketer will embed the link in their articles or blogs to increase the sales of their products.
  • When someone clicks on your link, a cookie gets generated, which identifies the person responsible for the sale even if the user delayed the purchase as they have expiry dates.
  • After completing sales, the merchant checks back the sales record to ensure the cookie is responsible for the sale.
  • If the merchant finds your affiliate Id with cookies, you will be rewarded.

Platforms for Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing with Amazon for beginners is effortless. Amazon affiliate program, also known as Amazon associates, is a perfect platform for beginners. It is a free website for beginners to monetize their websites or blogs—the best affiliate program for beginners 2020. You will get rewarded as a commission after the successful completion of a sale through your link. Either you are targeting affiliate marketing to run a small business, or you’re doing it as your own. It is an excellent method to earn through Amazon. It accordingly also needs to have a maximum audience to get the complete sales. Therefore Amazon is the best beginner affiliate program.

top affiliate programs for beginners

How to Become an Amazon Affiliate?

Interested! Here is a Step by step affiliate marketing for beginners. Amazon is regarded as the top affiliate program for beginners.

  • If you are looking to become an affiliate marketer, find the icon of ‘become an affiliate. Click on join now after opening the page.
  • Fill the form to submit your personal and website details. Make sure you have provided your genuine information correctly. Then, fill in your profile. This will incorporate things like your favored store ID, how you build links, how you direct people to your site, in addition to other things.
  • In the next step, Amazon will ask for your phone number, and they will verify your phone number through a pin you will receive through an automated call.
  • Finally, Amazon will ask you about the payment method in which you will receive your sums. After doing all the complete registration, you will get affiliate links for the products on Amazon.
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Where To Get Audience For Your Affiliate Products?

Affiliate marketing for beginners Amazon sometimes can be very tricky. It can be tough to find an audience. Here are the techniques through which you can optimize your earnings-

Paid Technique

This is the technique through which you will drive traffic to your website by using PPC ads.

PPC affiliate marketing for beginners does require some amount of investment. However, you will get an audience from the platforms after paying for them. The concept is quite simple; they will promote your Ads to increase the visibility of your Ads so that you can get maximum audience engagement to your website. However, there are significant drawbacks of this technique of affiliate marketing on amazon for beginners.

Once you stop paying, your ads promotion will cease, and therefore you will not be able to reach the maximum audience.

As a beginners affiliate marketer, it is challenging to invest in the paid technique.


SEO is the technique that includes optimization of content to get ranked higher on search engines. By ranking higher on search engines, it will increase the traffic on your website. You have to adopt different SEO techniques to target a vast audience.

Final Thoughts

Amazon Affiliate Program can be an excellent option with no investment. Along with that, there are also freelance affiliate marketing jobs available in the market. It only needs some focused attention to build your audience for making your affiliate marketing career successful. That’s why it is considered the best affiliate program for beginners in India.

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