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How to Create a B2B Social Media Strategy 2021

Social Media Strategy 2021

Are you wondering about the latest trends in Social Media? Are you worried about your existing marketing strategies failing to bring results as they used to do before? Is your business burning cash faster than generating revenue? Then keep reading this article to figure out the latest trends in social media marketing strategy, and you can capitalize on them?

Social Media Strategy 2021

Social Media Marketing Strategies are dynamic and keep changing to enhance customer’s experience. This, in turn, impacts the marketers and their approach to connecting with the target audience with engaging posts.

Previously, social media was where people spent time during their free time and made new connections. With the advent of social media and its popularity among the masses, it became critical for the business to build and maintain a robust digital presence.

Marketers today are straining every nerve to innovate new ideas of using social media platforms to build brand image and generate new leads. Apart from building a strategy, they also have to remain updated with the changing trends in the market and how it influences consumers’ decision-making power.

Today, we would discuss the top 10 social media strategies which you need to adopt in 2021 to be in trend and successfully build your social image.

There are five crucial factors to consider in 2021 while curating a social media marketing strategy:

  • Setting Goals: Includes different B2B strategies for building using social media in 2021.
  • Setting a Channel: Identifying social media platforms that would be most suitable for engagement.
  • ROI and Budget: How much to spend and how much returns can the business expect.
  • Hiring the Right Talent: What skills to look for in social media marketer in 2021.
  • Social Media FAQ: More Q&A that could not be fit in the article.

Define your B2B Social Media Goals

If you aim for nothing, you will hit it every time. Before strategizing your marketing campaign, ask yourself a question. What do you want to get out of those campaigns?

Small Tip: Every business’s ultimate goal is to build a brand image and generate income. So, don’t overcomplicate it.

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Whatever SMM strategy you come up with, you need to ensure that it focuses on four key areas:

  • Awareness: Improve brand recognition and get more leads through awareness.
  • Attention: Getting a Qualified lead is the first step. The second step is to nurture them through education and constant engagement.
  • Conversions: By making the lead take the desired action, you succeed in converting them into a customer.
  • Advocacy: Get feedback and reviews from existing customers.

Choosing the Right Platform

Polling is an effective way of engagement, and so is a market research and customer feedback. And LinkedIn is one such platform that helps you do it.

LinkedIn has become a renowned professional platform where Businesses have the opportunity to find potential leads and reach out to them without getting shunned away. This is because of the professionalism that people use to maintain LinkedIn, which is absent from other mediums such as Facebook and Instagram.

When conducting a Poll on LinkedIn, there are few things you need to keep in mind:

  • You can choose the duration of a poll, which can run up to two weeks max.
  • Just like a Twitter poll, LinkedIn Polls are limited to two options.
  • Poll questions can be 140 characters long and answer 30 characters long.

Also, if you want to boost your creditability, you can publish content relevant to your followers. LinkedIn has its publishing platform allowing business leaders to gain traction from the right market and industry.

Facebook For B2B

Facebook is the first name that comes to mind when we hear the Phrase Social Media. But it is not the first preference for promoting business. There seems to be a misconception that Facebook works best for B2C marketing.

Also, Facebook has been through a lot of transformation. 2021 version looks entirely different from the 2015 version.

But the truth is, B2B marketing on Facebook is very effective. There are still 2.25 active users of the platform who log into their profile every month. The user base has increased by 8% last year. It is considered the second-best platform for B2B marketing after LinkedIn. Also, 54% of B2B marketers revealed Facebook being the most critical engagement and sales platform.

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Critical Elements of SMM Strategy


  • Engaging with Right Audience: Meaningless offline advertisement won’t work if your products are made for a specific population section. This is where social media is most effective in increasing the business’s awareness among the right audience and at the right time. Engagement creates conversion, and conversion creates a loyal customer. The social media team needs to have a clear vision of what they should expect from running ad campaigns and how they want to reach out to the target market using the platform.


  • Building a Persona: Critical for penetrating the market today is to build a strong persona in customers’ minds. It should provide information on standards, targets and mission.


  • Making a Difference: If your current social media engagement strategy is not working and failing to generate value to the target audience, then it needs tweaks for sure. To fix this issue, you need to find the pain points and establish a solution for it.

Things to Keep in Mind While Building SMM Strategy

To have a clear and effective strategy in place, you first need to establish a clear distinction between B2B and B2C strategy.

Once you identify the market you want to serve, it becomes easier to target that section of Social Media’s population and create custom campaigns for conversion. Pay close attention to the following points:

  • Understand the industries and market that would need your product.
  • Find out the keywords that can be capitalized.
  • Write an engaging web copy that would focus on solving a pain point.
  • Pick suitable topics for creating content.

To conclude, nobody is going to find the right kind of market for you. You, with the help of your team, would need to do it all by yourself. We are confident that you will establish some short- and long-term marketing goals for yourself if you go through the points covered in this article. You can easily apply those and start getting results.

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