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Instagram SEO | Everything you should know about tools and Tips to Improve Business Presence

Instagram SEO: Complete guide to tools and tips to Enhance Business Presence

Instagram SEO

In November 2020, Instagram had a significant update in its search features. Instead of only searching profiles, locations, hashtags, you can now search general keywords, and Instagram will show you all the posts that contain that specific keyword.

That means it changed in two ways. Firstly, the Instagram algorithm is changed, and secondly, the Instagram SEO.

Like Google, Instagram SEO also will get the content in front of an audience by displaying the brand name in search results. When it’s about search engine optimization for Instagram, it means to search inside the app using keywords and hashtags.

Tips to Optimise Instagram SEO

  • Optimize your profile for search by implementing Instagram SEO keywords. In most cases, your Instagram handle must be of your brand name, and your bio should include the keyword related to your profile that can show your profile in the relevant searches.
  • While posting, write the descriptive caption which features keywords that certain users use to search for products like you. Instagram considers the captions to show when choosing your posts from the explore tab and search results.
  • Apply the hashtag strategy Instagram and consider those hashtags as keywords. So that when someone searches a popular hashtag, your post will show up there too.
  • Instagram’s one feature allows users to write alternative text to enhance the Instagram experience for visual-impaired users. Keywords in the alt text of Instagram helps in understanding the Instagram algorithm better, what image contains, and how it will be relevant for certain users.
  • Another way to boost discoverability on Instagram is tags and mentions. When a user mentions your profile in a story or tags you in their post, others will see your profile. Alternatively, you can also run giveaways to encourage tagging and can run promotions.
  • If you are struggling for your brand visibility, don’t implement the black hat SEO tactics just to get results quicker. Grow your Instagram using organic tactics, even if it takes a lot of time and effort, build genuine visibility.
  • Like any other social media marketing or email marketing lead generation tactics, all need to analyze the impact of regular SEO efforts to grow the reach. Keep track of your profile using multiple tools and stay consistent in posting. Your active presence on Instagram will help you to optimize it better.
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7 Tools for Instagram SEO

Here’s the list of Instagram SEO tools that will be helpful for Instagram SEO optimization.



Awario performs the hashtag research for you and offers the best Instagram hashtag strategy relevant to your post. It is a social media monitoring software that collects your keywords and analyzes them and keyword combinations online. It works like Instagram tactics tools to keep track of your competitors and to monitor your brand.

Awario will be helpful for you to know :

  • Several mentions of your brand on Instagram.
  • About your Instagram audience (their info like age, gender, language, they use).
  • Hashtags and keywords associated with your brand.
  • Audience review and feedback (positive or negative) about your brand.

It is not a free tool to use but offers a 7-day trial. Pricing starts from $24 per month.

2. Iconosquare


Previously it was known as statigram, a Web interface for Instagram. It provides the statistics and helps in viewing monthly stats, your content from first upload, engagement fluctuations, optimization rate, and how personal Instagram community develops.

It will also help you in the know about

  • Your engaged followers.
  • Most liked and commented pics.
  • The average lifespan of your media
  • Posting density
  • Stats of filter usage
  • Pics geography
  • Best time to post about your brand

3. Unfollowgram

Unfollowgram helps in managing Instagram following, to set up reciprocal connections, and in reporting abusive users. It will provide Instagram tactics for the following optimization.

It will help in knowing about:

  • Your followers.
  • Your following.
  • The user whom you follow but doesn’t follow back.
  • Your followers whom you don’t follow back.
  • 4. Followgram
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Followgram helps in managing the Instagram interface. Its features to use depends on the subscription you have. It offers 3 versions, i.e., free, pro, and brand.

If you like the pic, you can save it in your private albums. Followgram’s free users are limited to 5 albums only, and to check the navigation and top tags, you have to upgrade your account to a paid account.

It also allows you to generate the vanity URL (dedicated web address) and share photos with those who don’t have the app.

5. Instafy

Install is a free app for Apple users. It helps to check how popular your Instagram pics are and quickly check the status from mobile devices.

It also helps in attracting potential users and attract new followers. Instafy is not as powerful as other tools but helpful in providing the basic stats of your Instagram popularity and driving engagement from your mobile device.

6. Copygram

Copygram is considered the most beautiful web interface for Instagram content. Its search facilities and backup features will drive your attention.

Its backup feature allows you to create an archive of Instagram posts and your liked posts, and the archive you will receive through email. In contrast, the search features help to find Instagram places, users, and tagged photos.

7. INK361

INK361 is a free web interface that helps view all types of content on Instagram and engage with users.

It has a neat, well-organized interface which boosts the sharing abilities. It also contains the marketplace section to buy accessories.

Basically, INK361 is an amazing tool for managing Instagram content and building an audience.


Instagram is easy to optimize and has high-impact tactics for those who want to grow their Instagram reach, drive traffic to their profile, and drive conversions. If you are committed to social media marketing for your business growth, then these Instagram tools and SEO tactics will help you to grow brand engagement and awareness by implementing correct strategies.

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