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A Comprehensive Guide to Google Algorithm Updates

Google Algorithm Updates

Do you know how Google Algorithm works and what are the recent update? If not, no issue as here; we will guide you through the world of updates in Google Algorithm.

Google Algorithm implies a complicated structure especially made for bringing data from the massive database of Google when you make any search query in the Google. A massive chunk of data is transferred within seconds.

Google Algorithms helps the users discover the needed information from the indexed pages and data in the database of Google in few seconds. The best part is that Google ranks the search results of a query as per the quality, relevance, and many other hidden factors.

February 2021: Passage Ranking

Martin Splitt of Google has recently discussed Google’s New Ranking method that ranks passages as per the relevance of search intent. In detail, Martin Splitt has discussed the 16 main points that everyone must know.

December 2020: Core Update

In this calendar year, this is the third update in the algorithm of Google. This update is rolled out as a core algorithm update in December 2020.

May 2020: Core Update

Another update happens to the core algorithm of Google, and it got rolled out this month. Danny Sullivan of Google has discussed the update in a tweet. He also stated that this change happens in Google many times in a year.

January 2020: Featured Snippet Update

Google’s Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan, announced in a tweet that once a URL’s content is shown as a featured snippet for any search query. The listing of the URL for the page will automatically be removed from the first page of search results for efficacy and decluttering objectives.

January 2020: Core Update

This was a broad core update of the Google Algorithm. This update will impact globally how search results will be shown for a search query. Google’s Guidance relating to the update will be the same as previous core updates.

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Bert (Worldwide): 2019

Danny Sullivan, in a tweet, announced that BERT would be rolled out worldwide and many popular languages are included.

Bert: 2019

Google revealed a BERT Update and called it one of the major changes in a Google Search in the past five years. Now, Google will use BERT Models for a better understanding of searches by users.

Rankbrain: 2015

The update is considered as one of the crucial algorithm updates that Google brings. This has helped in deploying machine learning for better processing of queries. This, as a result, aids in enhancing the search results that are done through recommending related words for words. This was used only fifteen percent for initial search queries, but currently, Rankbrain used in nearly every search query in Google. This also called and recognized as the 3rd most crucial ranking indicator.

Mobilegeddon: 2015

This update is meant as a massive reward to mobile-friendly websites as their ranking in a search query will improve. This will deliver a superior result to users on their mobile devices. This has impacted and changes the dynamics of all languages globally. This is simply a Mobile-Friendly Update brought by Google.

Google Pigeon: 2014

A major update happened in a local search known as Pigeon that helps. We observed that Google has initiated utilizing more conventional website ranking indicators to control the search results that happen in the local searches. Pigeon has additionally enhanced Google’s location and distance parameters for ranking in Google Local Search Results.

Hummingbird: 2013

This update brought by Google is a major update for Google’s Core Technology to deliver search results to users better. Google required a healthier way to recognize and deliver the most appropriate search results to users due to a high number of voice searches in recent years is increasing at a rapid rate. An official representative has conveyed that the new algorithm has impacted more than Ninety percent of search queries worldwide.

Panda: 2013

This is one of Google’s unconfirmed updates, even if industry experts suggest a rough date on 14th March 2013. Matt Cutts of Google looks as if to recommend that this would be the ultimate update prior to Panda will be integrated precisely into Google’s Core Algorithm.

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Google Penguin: 2012

As announced by Matt Cutts of Google, a data refresh of the Algorithm of Penguin affects less than 0.1 % of searches in English. The ranking was impacted immensely by the update of Penguin Launch as various website ranks are downgraded. After this, proactive actions are taken by Google to resolve the issue of ranking down gradation of many websites.

Panda Update: 2011

The new update in Panda’s algorithm has added a few new indicators for ranking of websites by Google. This was also observed that how the algorithm changes are impacting websites all around the globe.

Caffeine Update: 2009

In this update, a new system of indexing of websites is introduced by Google that allowed Google to check, crawl and store appropriate data in a more enhanced manner. This has resulted in showing 50% fresher search results. At the early stage, the developers were provided early access around August 2009 prior to the official rolling out of the update to the masses on 8th June 2010.

Supplemental Update-2006

This update was introduced and designed for creating supplemental changes in indexing in November 2006. It has revolutionized how a page filter works and handled previously. This update might seem like a penalty, but later Google clarified it is not a penalty.

Jagger: 2005

The update was done in 3 phases that are Jagger 1, Jagger 2, and Jagger 3. All this started with the first phase that began with the backlinking method in September as the update started to crack down on unnatural backlinking procedures, paid links, and other forms of spam. In the second phase, there was an evident impact on the ranking of websites in October. The last phase was finished around the end of November 2005.

Stay tuned for updates as we update you with the recent trends and updates in the digital marketing field. If you any queries, please post your queries in the comments section, and we promise you that we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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