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Advanced Technical SEO to Increase Your Search Traffic 2021

Advanced Technical SEO

In today’s world scenario, businesses that only run offline are suffering a lot. So, it is high time to convert businesses online through Digital Marketing.

And to do that, we must first learn what Technical SEO is and how Advanced Technical SEO can help in Digital Marketing and all the do’s and don’ts for technical SEO optimization. So, let’s get started with our technical SEO guide!

Fundamentals of Technical SEO

What is Technical SEO?

It is a process that helps you to maintain organic ranking by working as per updated search engines.

Importance of Technical SEO-

There are factors that influence the ranking of a site. The sight may be perfect, and even the Google Search Engine finds and indexes it still, the ranking may not be good.

Maybe because the pages were not secured, not optimized for mobile devices, the content may be duplicated, and many other factors can be responsible. This is where Technical SEO helps to optimize them and improve their organic ranking.

How to improve Technical SEO?

There are many things to consider when you want to improve your Technical SEO. Some of them are as follows:

  1. URL Structure
  2. Site Architecture
  • Javascript
  1. Thin Content
  2. XML Sitemaps
  3. Duplicate contents
  • Canonical Tags
  • Hreflang
  1. 301 Redirects
  2. 404 Pages

Navigation and Structure of a Site

  • Using Organized, Flat Site Structure- Give a Flat Structure to your website so that Google and other search engines can crawl complete 100% of it for a great technical SEO campaign. But e-commerce websites have several pages, so it is also essential to organize them, locate them quickly, and fix bugs. Use a free SEO Technical Audit Tool of Ahref’s “Site Audit” to get a Visual Site Mapper for organizing an interactive site architecture.
  • URL Structure Consistency- Keep the URL Structure simple but logical and have a consistent structure to quickly locate where he or she is in the site pages.
  • Breadcrumbs Navigation- It is very SEO-friendly. Since it adds subpages to the sites and internal links for categories, it helps build a more robust site architecture. Also, in SERPs, Google turned breadcrumb style navigation for URLs.
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Indexing, Crawling and Rendering

Issues in Spot Indexing-

Three ways to find pages that search engines are having trouble crawling are as follows:

  1. Coverage Report- Use Coverage Report in Google Search Console to know which pages Google is having trouble indexing and render the pages you want to Index.
  2. Screaming Frog- After fixing issues with Coverage Report, use Scream Frog, a famous web crawler, to check if the page is fully crawled.
  • Ahref’s Site Audit- It is a great SEO audit tool to check the entire health of a website, including HTML tag issues and page loading speeds and many more.

“Deep” Pages Internal Links-

There are far away pages from the home page, known as Deep Pages. These are the Pages that generally have any sort of problems. Usually, sites having Flat Architecture do not have deep pages problems.

But who does face this issue? The best way to handle it is to do an internal link to that page from the page, which constantly gets crawled.

Using XML Sitemap-

In today’s smartphone era, Google still sees XML Sitemaps “second most important source” to find an URL.

Go to Sitemaps in Search Console to crosscheck the excellent health of your site, which also shows how Google sees it for the site.

GSC Inspect-

It helps you fix index issues with your pages and see how Google renders your indexed pages resulting in 100% crawl and index by Google.

Duplicate and Thin Contents

Find Duplicate Content using SEO Audit Tools-

Two fantastic tools for this job are as follows:

  1. Raven Tool Site Auditor- It scans the pages and informs you which pages have duplicate or thin contents in them.
  2. Ahref’s Site Audit Tool- There is a Content Quality section that eventually tells if the content on my page is the same on many other pages.

Now, how to overcome this problem?

The best technical SEO tip is to use the “Batch search” feature in Copyscape.

Upload URLs on the web containing the content, look for other sites containing the same quotes, then search the quote in Google, and if your site comes first, then Google sees you like the actual author. So you would not have to worry about duplicate or thin content. It is others headache who had copied from your content.

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Noindex pages for Duplicate contents-

Some pages of your site may have some duplicate contents, but if it is indexed, you should apply the Noindex tag to that page to not show over the search engines when the site is opened.

Usage of Canonical URLs-

What Canonical tag does is that it lets know the search engines that which particular URL is the primary copy of that page when the pages contain similar types of content.

So that there is a small risk of Duplicate content over the internet.

Speed of Pages

Reducing Size of Web Page-

It is vital to reduce the loading time of your pages so that people do not have to wait too long for them to open, and it does not irritate them. Reduce image size and cache to improve the loading speed of pages.

Testing Load Times-

CDNs are not set up correctly, so if your site uses CDN, then use a speed test on with keeping CDN on and off, respectively. Then you would understand better how to reduce loading speed.

3rd Party Scripts to be Eliminated-

Get rid of unnecessary scripts of your site’s is another way of reducing the loading time of pages since an average of 34ms is added to load time for every 3rd party script.

So, this is what you get to learn in Advanced Technical SEO to understand better what you should now do and do not do flourish with your website and what technical SEO strategy you should follow.

Always run doublecheck on wherever you can on your websites to make sure that the search engine indexes and crawls complete 100% and perform other technical SEO tasks for better results in search engines.

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