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3 Best Tools to Prevent Plagiarism in Content Writing

plagiarism in content writing

Before uploading the content on the search engine, it is necessary to check for plagiarism in the content and remove duplicated lines from it.

This can help the bloggers to get good rankings on search engines and attract more traffic. Readers visit multiple websites to gain information.

They prefer the sites that are providing them with unique content. You need to make the text exclusive before publishing it.

Plagiarism detectors can be quite helpful in this term as they scan the entire document and highlight the copied content present in the article.

Writers can remove those lines from there and make the text new for the readers that are informative for them.

Top plagiarism checkers

Here we will discuss some best duplication detectors that match every line of your content on SERPs and take every single text that is copied from other sources.

These tools read the content thoroughly and provide sources of sites from where the data is taken from.


This is one of the top-quality duplication detectors that scan the document deeply and take out every copied line from the text.

Here we will discuss some best features of this plagiarism checker.

  • Support multiple files

Users can upload the files directly on this tool and check for duplication in it. This top tool supports multiple file formats.

You can pass different documents i.e., Txt, Docx, Doc, and pdf in this plagiarism checker.

  • Deep search

When the text is inserted in this duplication detector it studies the provided content deeply and matches every line of SERP.

After scanning the document, this tool highlights the parts that are taken from other sources. So, users can remove text from there and make it unique.

  • Provide the percentage of similarity

After scanning the document, this tool provides a percentage graph to the users where they can see the amount of copied content that is added to the article.

Users can remove those lines from the text and make the percentage chart 100% unique. This can help them to improve the quality of content.

  • Provide a source of plagiarism 

When this tool highlights the plagiarized content in the article, it also provides the source of the website where the data matched.

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You can visit those sites and make your content different from them so your text can have a different shape.


This is another top duplication detector that can check your documents deeply and figure out duplicated lines in the text.

It can help you to make the text unique for readers and get more audience on it. Let’s dive deep and discuss the top features of this amazing tool.

  • Simple interphase

This tool is very easy to manage and understand. It has a simple interphase that makes it easy for the users to understand the working of this plagiarism checker.

Just click on the upload button and select the file from where you want to remove the plagiarism. It will scan the document and provide you with a report instantly.

  • Advanced technology

This top tool uses advanced technology to check for duplication in the content. An advanced algorithm is used in this tool that makes it fast and precise.

So, users can have a quick response with accurate results that they can remove and make the text unique for readers.

  • Secure tool

The best thing about this duplication checker is that it provides complete security to its users. They can make the text unique without any threat.

This tool is very secure that makes it more reliable.

  • Free to use

All of the features of this plagiarism checker are free to use. Users don’t have to register themselves before using this tool.

They can use this duplication checker without any cost and avail of all its features.


This amazing plagiarism detector catches every single copied line from the content and helps to improve the SEO of the article.

Here we will discuss some best features of this top tool that place it among the best.

  • Helps to improve SEO

This plagiarism checker checks the content deeply and takes out every single line that is taken from other sources.

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This helps to improve the SEO of content better. Users can remove the copied lines from the text and make it good for improving SERP.

  • Upload documents

Users can upload the documents in this plagiarism checker directly by selecting the file from their device.

It supports every format of documents like pdf, doc, txt, and Docx making it easy for the users to make their content unique in any file format.

  • Deep scan 

When the text is inserted in the plagiarism box, this top tool scans the content very deeply and matches every line of the content on the search engine.

It takes out the copied lines from the text that are taken from other sources. So, users can remove all that duplicated text and make the lines unique for readers.

  • Percentage graph

After taking out the copied text from the article, it provides a chart from where users can get an estimation about the unique content they have.

Users can make the text unique by removing the copied text from the content and getting a 100% unique graph.

Final words

To get better rankings on search engines it is necessary to improve the SEO of content. It is only possible when you make the content unique.

Google prefers text that is different and influential. Such content can be more informative for the readers and can solve their queries.

So, it is essential to make the content exclusive before publishing it on the search engine. Users can make the text free of plagiarism by using an online duplication detector.

These tools check every line on the search engine and take out the copied text from the article. Bloggers can remove those lines from the article and make It more striking for the readers.

The tools discussed in this article are best to use as they are secure and can scan the text deeply to catch duplicate text.

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