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Top 15 Smart Techniques to Generate Leads for your Business

Smart Techniques to Generate Leads

Lead generation is the fuel that keeps businesses running. So, it does not matter whether you are an established company or a start-up. Because to keep your business thriving and reaching new heights, generating a lead is your way to go!

So, if you are too looking for Smart ways to generate leads for your business, then your search ends here! In this blog, we will provide you with not five or ten but a total of fifteen smarts ways that will help you ace the lead generation game!

Before we proceed with the ways, it is vital to understand fundamental questions like what exactly lead generation is and what is the processes of doing so. Lead generation is the process of capturing the imagination of new customers and getting them to do a purchase of the product or services that your company is selling. Hence, you can say that it creates a pool of potential customer base that eventually can turn into loyal customers and brand ambassadors.

Now, let’s focus on the process of the stages involved in lead generation. First is Spreading awareness about your brand, product, or services to your prospective customers. You can also do this by analyzing the interest of your potential customers for a more targeted approach.

After awareness, next to or Second one is education because this will help you show your expertise and experience in the field. It will also help you to establish the authenticity and genuineness of your product.

The third is evaluation; usually, here the potential customers check the pros and cons of your product. This stage is crucial since customers are closer to making a purchase. Hence you can give a slight nudge here by providing free trials, demos, and live assistance.

Finally, the last stage is making a purchase; here you need to make sure the process of transaction is frictionless and convenient.

Well, now you know the basics of this game! So, let’s master the moves! Here I will list down for you fifteen smart moves or ways in which you can generate leads. So, let’s get started!

1. Know your Audience

Profiling of your potential customers will help you address their needs and cater to them accordingly. Marketing without knowing your audience will be like aiming in the dark.

Hence, a targeted approach to reach out to a particular genre of people aligning with your product is the crux of the game. For example, if you’re a fashion and clothing-based company, then you should target people interested in this genre for more potential leads.

2- Know your Competitors

Research and analyses on market sentiments and competition will be a handy tool for you. This data will help you gain insights into the highs and lows and existing gaps in the market. Then, you can leverage these gaps and generate leads from there.

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For a more effective strategy, you should keep a track of moves played by your competitors. Hence, questions like where they are gaining customers, their marketing strategy, and their target audience will give a good idea of the game.

3- Connect with Industry influencers

Influencers are the new celebrities in the game of marketing. This is because they have a wider reach to the audience, more social trust in them, and higher influencing capacity.

Hence you can have Influencers as your brand’s face and ambassadors to generate more new potential leads. As per statistics, only 15 % of companies are using this strategy, so it is undoubtedly an asset for you.

4- Use Social Media Marketing

Social media nowadays is the gateway to the world. Facebook marketing and Instagram marketing will help you reach a new audience. Sharing links to your products and information can help you leverage the existing online community and get them in the sales funnel. As per research, companies witnessed a growth of 24% after they started using social media for lead generation.

You can also use LinkedIn marketing to engage with communities and forums online to advertise your product. YouTube marketing also provides creative liberty for brands to spread awareness and educate the audience. This will give you an edge in your niche and help you gain new followers as well as customers.

5- Do creative Email Marketing

As per Marketing Sherpa, around 72% of adults in the USA like to connect with the brands via email. Hence you can conclude that even today email marketing is one of the most sought strategies for lead generation.

However, some do’s and don’ts here are that you should create personalized emails to send to customers, avoid writing mass emails, and send the same across.

You should also make it creative and attractive by giving some vouchers or information on a deal. Email marketing is not only used to gain new potential customers but also as a follow-up tool to the existing customers. You can even say that Email marketing is a more advanced and latest version of SMS Marketing.

6- Content Marketing to the Rescue

As per data given by Marketo, 93% of Companies believe content marketing helps in reaching a wider audience which will eventually generate new leads. Hence you can say that quality content is the king!

Blog marketing is a way of marketing wherein article blogs are written to communicate to the audience about the Brand. It is highly effective as a strategy since it ticks off the Search engine optimization (SEO) of the search engine. Hence, it generates more pay per click (PPC) and provides better PPC management for the company.

7- Post Social proofs on your website

Here social proofs are reviews, ratings, testimonials, or some short video stories posted by your existing customers. This will make your brand and products look more trustable and reliable.

Moreover, this will help customers in making more informed decisions about a particular product will come back for more. Hence it is a win-win situation as you will gain a loyal customer and the customer will gain a good product.

8- Use Chatbots for Interaction

Chabot’s are assistant tools present 24/7. They are artificially designed to talk like a human assistant. Chatbots are feed with predetermined questions and answers to solve customer’s queries. This interaction helps in solving customer’s problems and can lead to a probable purchase. Hence you include this feature in your website.

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9- Provide live assistance

Live assistance is the company’s representative at the backend of the website which provides a helping hand to the customers and solves their queries. Live assistance is very effective for sales conversion since it solves queries in real-time and guides the potential customer. In addition, you can consider having features like live chat, video chat, or filling up a form for the customers.

10- Discounts and deals to cheer customers up

Imagine it’s Christmas and you get a good deal from your favorite brand; how would you feel? Happy! Similarly, you should consider giving festival deals to your loyal customers as a reward.

You can also offer weekly and monthly discounts and deals. Vouchers are also an excellent way to keep the customers happy. Finally, you can make use of Google ads to spread information about your offers.

11- Appeal for Call to Action (CTA)

Sign up for Free, trails session, buy now, etc. You must have surely seen this on many websites. These are a call to action, usually written in a bold and attractive format. They nudge people for actions and are a good way of generating leads and purchases. This will make your website interactive and influence the SEO of search engines.

12- Participate in events related to your business niche

There are many events and shows which are hosted for people in similar businesses to connect. This will help you in building networking and connections, which will further help in promotions and collaborations. Engaging with people from the same industry is beneficial for you and your brand.

13- Host events for your customers

Events like webinars/seminars, giveaways, a chance for participation in a contest, meet and greet. These are some events that you can host for your customers. This will help you stay relevant and creative. The feedbacks that you will get through these events can help you improvise and innovate.

14- Follow up with existing customer base

The existing customers are your hard-earned fan base. Hence you need to make sure that these are kept in the loop by keeping them informed. You can send them regular updates through Facebook, Instagram, or email, so they know you care for them too!

15- Take help of professional

Suppose if you are unable to figure out a lead generation strategy for yourself. Don’t worry! You can reach out to professionals in fields like digital marketing, content marketing, and email marketing. You can also opt for paid SEO services or experts that take care of your PPC management. There are also tools like Google Analytics for data and Google ads for advertisements.

Finally, we are at the end of this blog! Congratulations! Now you know the moves too. All you need to do is get the dice rolling! So start implementing these strategies and see the magic happening. Your sales will boost up and your brand will reach new heights. However, patience, consistency, and hard work are the Key! So keep doing it.

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